11th August 2020

Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten
Virtual Kinder to launch Today!


Tuesday August 11, 2020
Dear Families,
It feels like we have not seen some of you in a long time and for the first time ever, Kindergartens have been closed. This might change for us as families working situations change throughout Stage 4 lockdown, but this week we have no children in attendance.

Some of you will be feeling quite relaxed about spending time at home for these six weeks and we recognise that others will be feeling anxious.

As teachers and educators, this is also very new for us and actually sad! Early childhood teachers and educators work in early childhood because we thrive facilitating play and learning with your children face to face not from our own homes.

Our aim is to keep you as connected to Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten throughout this time by providing a mix of learning experiences for your child and parent information tutorials or factsheets daily in line with either 3 or 4 year old timetabling. It is extremely flexible and you can engage with everything everyday or not everyday or perhaps this and that. 

There is quite a lot of video footage filmed by our team which we hope your children will enjoy but remember we are not actors or filmmakers. Goodness! We have numbered experiences in a order, but again flexibility is key and it will start from yesterday but do not feel like you need to catch up. Have a look though and perhaps even just play Dee's welcome video.

This will be available through our website portal where you will login and register and then access daily posts clearly named with date and age group. Instructions on how to do this will be emailed in a separate email once we finalise this process this morning. 

We encourages to contact us through email diamond.creek.memorial.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au or SMS to 0447 099 055.

Over the next few weeks, we will also contact every family to discuss life in lockdown, cover off any questions and just to keep in touch. There will also be learning and wellbeing packs available for collection from kinder and these can be posted to families outside the 5km radius.

Please keep in touch and keep a look out daily for kinder life coming to your home.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.
Warm thoughts and wishes,
Bron, Dee and Simone


Contact Details

Bron Joslyn  (Director/ Teacher)- 
email:    diamond.creek.memorial.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au
phone:   9438 1515 (can be contacted on professional development day on                     Thursday August 28, 2019)

Kate Bridgman (President)- 
email:   dcmk.president.3089@gmail.com



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