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Educating team

Educators are active in their professional development and in reflecting on their teaching practices and pedagogy so as to provide experiences that make a difference to a child’s life at every moment.

As educators, we are fortunate to be invited to work in childhoods, each and every day.

Bronwyn Joslyn

For the past 25 years, I have worked in many roles across the early year’s sector; as an teacher, director, training manager, early years incursion facilitator and curriculum development manager; working in schools, for private companies, in the community sector and not-for-profit organisations and have been fortunate to spend some time supporting teachers in Timor Leste.

I have over 13 years experience working as a Director in the early years where I have always seen this role as one shared between administrative regulatory duties and working in the learning environment with children, families and my colleagues. I am delighted that my role at Diamond Creek Memorial Kinder is such that I work hands-on with children as well as Director.

In addition to my role at Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten, I am an Early Years Consultant, the Professional Development Coordinator at Environmental Education in Early Childhood Incorporated (EEEC)and on the board of Play Australia.


  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)
  • Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Advanced Diploma of Management
  • Associate Diploma of Hospitality and Supervisory Studies
  • Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)
  • First Aid (level 2) inclusive of CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management

dee bell

I have been involved in the education and care of young children for the past 26 years. I commenced my career as a nanny of two children while studying to become a Mothercraft Nurse. I then spent many years working with babies, toddlers and their families in centre-based care services.

Then as an Out-of School Hours (OSH) care Coordinator for a before-school program, I was involved in the accreditation process for this service before it was formally introduced into OSH by Government.

After completing my Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, I worked as a Kindergarten teacher and Director of a Kindergarten where I implemented an emergent style of curriculum, focusing on children’s strengths, interests and development. I have worked within various early years settings as a Kindergarten Teacher and Educational Leader.

I then changed direction slightly to support and teach student educators in both accredited and non-accredited training. As well as a Kindergarten teacher, my most recent role is as an Early Year’s Consultant supporting and guiding professionals working with children from birth to eight years.

A mother of four, I often draw from my personal experiences when supporting families and educating and caring for children.


  • Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood (Pre-school)
  • Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services (partial RPL)
  • Diploma of Community Services (Child Care)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA)
  • First Aid (level 2) inclusive of CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management


I have been a committed educator at Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten since May, 2002; working as a co-educator within both 3 and 4 year old curriculum. I have worked for many years in Early Childhood Education and this is a position I continue to thoroughly enjoy. 

My role at Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten has been a very personal journey with three of my four children attending the kindergarten, beginning in 1995. Most recently my Grandson was also part of the Kinder family in 2014 before going off to school.

In 2010, I decided to study my Certificate III in Children’s Services. I found my placement experiences and knowledge gained enhanced what I believe I can offer to educators, children and the families that attend our kinder.

I have attended and continue to attend many professional development courses and opportunities after hours, including ‘supporting families through conflict and separation’ and ‘child protection’. I also attend many Diamond Eastern Kindergarten Teacher’s Associations (DEKTA) workshops and the annual conference. 

I am the current First Aid Officer for the service.

Because of my love of young children, my focus is supporting my colleagues and family members and encouraging the children so they may experience the best environment in which to begin their education. 


  • Certificate III in Children’s Services
  • First Aid (level 2) inclusive of CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management


I have been part of the educating team at Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten since committing to a role as an Inclusion Support Educator in 2016, working with children with additional needs.

I grew up in Montmorency and have lived in Hurstbridge for 17 years. I am Mum to three beautiful children, who attend local schools. In my spare time, you might see me walking our dog, Billie, gardening and watching my children playing sport.

Before discovering my passion for Early Childhood Education, I worked for many years as a medical scientist and was also involved with teaching tertiary students. It was through my own children that I became interested in working in and studying Early Childhood Education. I have since worked in Early Years Services (kindergarten and occasional care), as an educator.  

I am currently studying my Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education which I thoroughly enjoy, reflecting on contemporary theory and child and family focused learning environments.

I always look forward to working with families and children. No one knows children better than family members, so I invite families to share any facet of their family lives, community and culture with me, and the team. This will only enrich our relationships, our learning and our adventures.                                                                                                             


  • Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education (studying)
  • Certificate of Education (Integration Aide)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • First Aid (level 2) inclusive of CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management


I commenced my connection with Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten in 2016 as an eager student, passionate about studying Early Childhood Education. I have since worked as part of the educating team in the 4 year old and extended hours curriculum.

I am passionate about play based, enquiry learning and love to see curiosity and enthusiasm in children as they test theories of their own and build knowledge. I thrive on expanding my own knowledge and reflecting on how I can become a better educator.

My experience includes Kindergarten and occasional care and have been a private nanny for many years. I am also a Mum to a wonderful son.



  • Diploma in Children’s Services
  • Certificate III in Children's Services
  • ABA therapist training
  • First Aid (level 2) inclusive of CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management


I taught in early childhood education in Taiwan for several years before coming to Australia for a refreshing working holiday. During this journey, I had many opportunities to work for some local families as a casual nanny. I met many beautiful people in Melbourne and thereafter, I decided to continue to explore my passion for early childhood education. I was involved in a natural and aesthetic teaching approach through Steiner Education which inspired me to appreciate learning and knowledge gained from the natural environment and to celebrate each child’s growth and beauty.

Since then, I studied my Masters in Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary), graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2019. Throughout my teacher training, I have learned the importance of communication among teachers, parents and communities in building a holistic learning environment for children to grow and develop. I also value play-based learning in children’s everyday life, which promotes learning by doing and provides children with authentic life skill experience so they can live in real world as adults (lifelong learning). 

I believe all children are capable learners with the ability to imagine, connect and grow holistically in a stimulating and warming environment. My aim is to work collaboratively with other teachers and parents in supporting children to discover   their great potential through their formative years.