4th August 2020

 Permitted Worker/ Vulnerable Families Attendance Request Form

Tuesday August 4, 2020

Dear Families,

I feel like saying... me again. 

I have just attached a form (please click link below to access) that we will require so we can organise education and care for families over the next six weeks.It gives you the guidance we have been given so far around new Stage 4 restrictions which are different to the Stage 3 earlier in the year as we are considered closed. This is the first time this has occurred with the exception made for permitted workers and vulnerable children.


Essentially we just ask eligible families to complete the form as you need to and yes, the form is likely to change once we have more information from the Victorian Government. If you are eligible for kinder for the remainder of this week, please let us know by tomorrow morning (Wednesday, August 5 by 12 noon) so I can organise educators onsite and remotely.

Finally, I would like to personally express how difficult and emotional I am (we are as a team) finding this time as a teacher not being able to be with your children consistently in their their kinder year. I certainly did not enter early childhood education to work remotely with young children, to have children come and go with and without their preferred friends. With this in mind, I want to say that it has been absolutely amazing to see how resilient your children are and continue to be, how they simply enjoy play and learning, how joyful and happy children are coming into kinder. It has been a laugh a minute this week and last so this is what we will hold onto as we transition to remote learning...Thank you for your patience as we certainly know how tricky it is to be a parent at this time, but I hope this 6 weeks see your children sharing the same crazy jokes and fun with you. I also hope there is a poo or bum joke at lunchtime too. We will stay in touch....

Warm regards
Teacher/ Director
Diamond Creek Memorial Kindergarten


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